Sunday, November 30, 2014

Volunteers are the heart of the garden

Janette Griffin and Julie Wood prepare the produce for transporting to Second Harvest Food Bank

Richard and James repair a rototiller

Wake Forest student sow seeds in the trial garden
Father in the YMCAAdventure Princess group works with his five year old daughter to weed their sunflower bed. Sunflowers are planted to attract honey bees for pollination

Sandee Lawless helps other volunteers plant lettuce in the trial garden

Kids...are they discussing the crops or.....

Situ Shresha, a new gardener, joined the Adopt a Box project
More Blessing and her children picking green tomatoes at the end of the tomato season

Jennifer and Bob Pierce with the peppers they picked ready to go to Lowe's 
            Foods for refrigeration before Second Harvest trucks pick them up for delivery.

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