Monday, December 1, 2014

How Do I Volunteer?

For information about volunteering or to register a group, send a message via or call Julie Wood at 336.760.2599 or Patsy Dwiggins at 336.413.5963.

INDIVIDUALS can come any time we have a regular garden
time.  You can come one time or as many times as you wish. Individuals do not have to sign in advance, just show up!

GROUPS can schedule a time now. Usually a group of five or more people will
sign up on a specific date. Request a group volunteer form from

GROUPS need to pre-register. We prefer that you come on our regular harvesting times. This is to assure the crops are harvested in a timely manner. We can make special arrangements if necessary and if we have enough of our volunteer leaders.
Groups include business, faith groups, youth groups, clubs, college students, school programs and more.

Thanks for your support!

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