Thursday, January 24, 2013

History of the Garden

It all began then Jim Holmes Jr. started the Food Bank Community Garden in 1998. In a simple discussion between Holmes and his son as they drove past The Children's Home, Jim Holmes III remembers his father saying "What a shame we aren't cultivating some of that land to grow food for hungry people". Jim's wife Betty became a partner in the implementation of the plan. Many tell stories of her playing with the chldren of families who came to the garden and bringing food for the volunteers.

It wasn't long until Mr. Holmes set up a meeting with Nan Griswold, then the director of Second Harvest which provides food for hungry people in 18 counties. This was in 1998 and the garden is still going today in 2009.

Although, according to Holmes, the volunteers from Centenary UMC have led the effort, he said, the garden truly is a "community garden" and welcomes support from other congregations and organizations. Many volunteers have worked tirelessly to make sure the legacy of Jim and Betty Holmes, Jr. continues into the future.

The Children's Home and its staff have been extremely helpful in providing the place and services that make the garden possible. Reynolda Gardens has also provided support for seeding the tomatoes in their greenhouse.

A huge thanks to the Forsyth County Agriculture Extention Office. Stephen Greer has been our guide and resource person.

Betty and Jim Holmes, Jr. Jim passed away last summer. The garden was named for the Holmes for their hard and inspiring work in starting the garden in 1998

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