Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday, May 1

Seedlings are coming up!  Great to see the shoots of green ( beans, corn, etc.).  Starting to get irrigation and fertilizing systems in place. Repaired some breaks in the water lines. We are creating a "Test Crop" garden to try out new varieties of the favored vegetables.  Trying to see what we might want to introduce another year.  Last year we tested Okra and it was extremely productive so this year we added a whole row.  Also adding more herbs in the test garden, for use in the Triad Community Kitchen. Yesterday's planting included fennel, flax (from Bethabara), heirloom Swiss Chard and beans. Carrots and some potatoes are up.  Pinched flowers off of onions (what a slow crop they are). Almost completed the lean to off the shed (Boy Scout Project). Finished putting in tomato stakes. Temperature, close to 85 but nice breeze (until 1 PM then time to leave)! Watered areas where there is no irrigation.  Planted field peas in onion garden to improve soil.

Welcome, Ella, new volunteer.


14 volunteers.  Thanks!

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