Monday, August 10, 2009

Raising beds for seeding our lettuce crop

Raising beds is a great way to plant. First you measure for plots either 4 x 8'
or 4x4'. You then shovel soil from paths into beds. Enrich the beds with compost, leaf mulch or manure (aged). Mix it up good. The beds should be about 12 " higher than the paths.Then water the beds and plant. We will plant lettuce before August 20 for harvest in September for the local food pantries, shelters, etc.
Children from Centenary United Methodist Church came to the garden to spend the morning helping in the garden. They completed the first steps for five raised beds. We need five more. Now we need to find the leaf mulch! Paths will be covered with newspaper, then straw to control weeds and to prevent standing water if we have heavy rains. At the end of the season it will all be plowed under.

Keep posted.

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